Prayer Requests

Please keep the following on your prayer list.

Mindy Vandeventer family- Mindy passed away last week, keep her family in your prayers.

Lucile Stevens- had some respiratory problems this week. On the nebulizer.

Meredith and Jane Kuhn- both at Millers and doing about the same.

Brenda Sebastian- couldn't do chemo this time, blood count was too high.

Allen & Jerri Hurst- living with daughter for an indefinite time.

Danielle (Dan Hervey's daughter)- holding radiation until October to see how much the tumor grows. Has had pain blocks that have helped some.

Robert Sliger- Dave's brother, waiting on appointment to see what's next.

David Crawley- Had and infection, is cleared up and feeling some better. Keep praying for David.

Don Bacon- failing quickly.

John Walker- Ear is doing great, no appointments for a month.

Dan Hervey- Has been having digestive tract problems.

Elizabeth Hershberger- 5 y/o having tonsils and adenoids removed Tuesday.

Macy Rolfe- Diagnosed with POTS recently, has another appointment this week.